Cathy Chapman, Broker


Signature Home Sales LLC

9404 Birchwood Ct W

Why choose Cathy?

Cathy grew up in the custom homebuilding business so real estate is in her blood.  With over 20 years in the business, her wealth of experience will serve as your greatest partner in both a home sale or home purchase.  After recognizing the power of Staging and Redesign, she set out to obtain certifications to support the highest level of competence to serve her clients with this added-value skill set.  Cathy's passion is re-design and staging which she does as a complimentary service for her seller clients.  Cathy teaches all agents affiliated with her brokerage how to stage for the wow!  Their staged listings are under contract on average in 10 days of list date.  It's crystal clear that Cathy's passion is helping clients save money every step of the way!  Call'll be glad you did!  301.514.6839

Are you an agent struggling to understand the contracts and what to do and when?  Cathy offers training and mentoring in what you don't learn in real estate school.  Watch video below:


Check out Cathy's Real Estate Guide with special sections on New Construction, Property Redesign and Staging for the Wow! Click the cover image to review guide.

This video contains a rehab project Cathy worked on in 2020.  This demonstrates her redesign and staging expertise!

Get to know Cathy and her son Brock as well as Angelina by watching the videos below.

Here is a funny video my son Brock put together about bad agents.  He plays every part in the video - Wife, Bad Agent, Husband and himself at the end.  We had so much fun producing this video!  So, meet Sal Forless with the Stereotypical Real Estate Brokerage and the Basic Agent team!  Enjoy!!!  

A funny outtake of Brock as we were waiting to do another segment of the video.  He's "WIFE" here. He was trying to get a hair off his lip and I decided to videotape him.  He didn't know I was actually shooting a video but yet played along with me.

Here is another video Brock put together about how agents charge their clients JUNK FEES which we DO NOT ALLOW in our brokerage.  Our affiliate agents pay this fee out of their commission.  For those not that familiar with currency and what President is on a $100 bill, it's Benjamin Franklin.  So this is about protecting your Benjamin's - your $100 dollar bills!